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I would like to take this time and reflect on the past election. As the results streamed across my television, my emotions ran from high to low and  back to high as I witness the changing of the guard in North City and County politics. As good friends lost and new ones won, I can only contemplate what the future holds for us! I want to thank my longtime Congressman and friend Congressman William “Lacy” Clay on the great job you’ve done in the Halls Of Congress, May you enjoy a much deserved retirement! To our new Congress Lady Cori Bush, Congratulations as you move forward and pray that you will be guided by your Love for the people of your district and to move them forward! Also, to my friend Tommie Pierson Jr, You fought a wonderful fight but came up short, Thank You! To our new State Senator of the 13th District, Angela Mosley Congratulations! There were so many races that it would take to long to mention, but, I would like to shout out to the Victors from Tuesday: St Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page, Spanish Lake Committeewoman Gwen Reed, U City Township Committeeman Farrakhan Shegog and numerous other Elected officials!

To every person that took the time from their family to run for office whether you won or lost, NCLLC salutes You!

Best Regards,

Frederick C Searcy Jr


North County Labor Legislative Club


Please be aware that we had to make a painful decision this year to cancel the Golf Tournament that was schedule to be held October 4, 2020. This year we’ve now canceled two of our biggest fundraiser’s of the year, picnic and golf tournament. The Board is currently looking at other ways to replenish funds for the Club.




As of right now you are allowed to go PAC to PAC. The trail court said it was legal but delayed its ruling for 45 days. The 45 days has expired and the appeals court, while it may reverse, did not stay, or otherwise pause, the trial court's decisions, despite the State of Missouri explicitly asking it to. You can check the MEC website today and it will tell you the language says no PAC to PAC, but because the court has not stayed the decision the PAC to PAC transfer prohibition is not being enforced. Therefore-it is safest and best to allow a clean and straight PAC to PAC at this point.

To split it up is not necessary and will potentially raise unwarranted flags for trying to just follow the law as you understood it.

For the time being the courts say we can go PAC to PAC and it is likely cleanest and easiest to do so at this time.

James P. Faul

Hartnett Gladney Hetterman LLC

4399 Laclede Ave. St. Louis, Mo 63104

Any questions on this feel free to contact the President Fred Searcy.