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Our next meeting is Monday May 6th.

A few people are looking for raffle tickets. If you have any unsold tickets that you can't sell please contact Fred S. ASAP 314-355-1000 (work) or 314-914-5744 (cell).

Congrats to all endorsed candidates that won.

Norman McCourt, Tommie Pierson, Tim Lowery, Mary E Dorsey, Darlene Bell, Ro Hendon, Cheryl Latham, Zella Williams, Mike Mason, Linda Lipka, Fran Griffin, John Bowman, Terry Epps, Bill Esterline, Leslie Hogshead, Orlando Smith, Kevin Anthony Jr., Grace Harvey, Tom Carter, Mike Corcoran, Mike Conley



As of right now you are allowed to go PAC to PAC. The trail court said it was legal but delayed its ruling for 45 days. The 45 days has expired and the appeals court, while it may reverse, did not stay, or otherwise pause, the trial court's decisions, despite the State of Missouri explicitly asking it to. You can check the MEC website today and it will tell you the language says no PAC to PAC, but because the court has not stayed the decision the PAC to PAC transfer prohibition is not being enforced. Therefore-it is safest and best to allow a clean and straight PAC to PAC at this point.

To split it up is not necessary and will potentially raise unwarranted flags for trying to just follow the law as you understood it.

For the time being the courts say we can go PAC to PAC and it is likely cleanest and easiest to do so at this time.

James P. Faul

Hartnett Gladney Hetterman LLC

4399 Laclede Ave. St. Louis, Mo 63104

Any questions on this feel free to contact the President Fred Searcy.